How to find the lost phone?

do you know that how to find lost phone, If you do not know, then today’s post will take information about this topic and know how we can trace our stolen mobile phone.

Sometime a friend of yours must have come and said that how to find the lost mobile, as well as a friend must have said that they will find out from IMEI but it seems that how to find switch off mobile

As the field of technology is increasing, in the same way many problems are also arising. The biggest problem among these is mobile theft or mobile theft. Many times, while going to the bus or in any other crowded place, mobile thieves often do their work.

Due to this, not only does our money suffer, but the data saved in that mobile is also damaged and then it seems that the mobile is stolen.

We often keep taking out photos and they are in a way a memory for us, which keeps our unique moments. We lose all those photos due to the theft.

At that time we feel very shocked and this thought starts coming in our mind that How to find lost mobile? Is it possible that after the mobile is stolen or lost, we can get it again?

Let us go through this post, now we will know the ways in which we will tell about some mobile theft applications which will help in getting your phone back, so let’s know how to find the lost mobile?

How to find Switch off mobile?

Are your mobile lost and how to find it, are you worried about it, to get the lost or stolen mobile, many problems have to be faced. like Police complaint for mobile theft, shutting down the sim, getting a new sim, etc.

But do you know that you can also find your lost phone from your other phone or laptop? Yes. You heard it right. We have such a way to find lost mobile, with the help of which you can easily locate your phone.

Apart from this, you can also lock your phone with the help of any other device. For this, here we will talk about some such Android applications which are also called mobile theft applications. Now without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Android applications used for mobile theft

Friends, you must have seen in the Play Store that there are many Android applications. But today we are going to talk about such Android application which can be used when we lose our phone or our mobile phone is stolen.

We will know below how the application will work in case of mobile theft. Let’s know about those applications which we can use to trace the mobile if it is stolen or lost.

Method 1 – Google Find My Device

For this it is necessary that your Google ID is logged in your lost phone. To get your phone with this method, first of all, on your other device, search Google by typing Find my device.

Now click on the link given by Google. Here you will get to see all your devices in which your ID is signed in. From here select your lost phone and find the location of that phone.

You can also install Google’s Find My Device application from the Play Store. Once the phone is traced, you can ring it. There is also an option to delete the data in it.

Method 2 – Third Party Application

There are many such applications available on the Play Store, with the help of which you can easily locate your phone.

This application gives you the option to access your phone remotely. That is, you can control the lost phone from any of your other devices.

Nowadays many mobile manufacturer companies, such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo etc. provide this facility to their customers. But for this it is necessary that you are logged in to your phone with your customer ID.

Customer ID is the same that your phone company gets you made on its platform. Like Oppo ID of Oppo users or Samsung ID of Samsung users.

Once you lose your phone, you can sign in to your other device with this ID and access your phone completely remotely from there.

In this, you get many options like messaging from your lost phone, calling, locking, deleting data, tracing location, ringing, checking call logs, etc.

Method 3 – Google Photos

This method is as awkward as it sounds to you, it is equally successful. For this, it is important that your Google ID is logged in your lost phone and you have given location permission to the camera application of that phone.

You can find the location of your phone with the help of Google’s Backup and Sync feature. If someone takes a photo from that phone of yours, then that photo will automatically be uploaded to your Google account.

Apart from this, you will also get the location of that person. But remember that for this method it is also necessary that your lost phone should also have an active internet connection or else the photos will not be able to upload to your Google account.

Whatever location you get, do not forget to go alone to that location. Take help of any agency or police.

Can the phone be located even when it is switched off?

To get the live location of the phone, the data connection should be on while tracing the location in that phone. However, you can also use the last location to find out the previous location of your phone.

How to find out IMEI number?

When you follow the above method number one, two or three, then you will get the option to find the imei number of your phone as well. By clicking on it, you can easily know the IMEI number of your phone.

Not only this, in whichever phone your ID will be logged in, you can find out the IMEI number of any of those phones.

If the phone is formatted, can the location be traced?

Direct answer – no. When the phone is formatted, the data is deleted from it. Email ID is also included in this data.

In simple words, after formatting the mobile, the accounts in your phone are also deleted. You cannot trace the location of your phone once it is deleted.

However, you can trace your phone with the help of surveillance system by submitting your imei number to the police.

Can I block my SIM using Google Find My Device?

No. you can not do it. To do this, you will have to go to the service center of your SIM company or book a complaint from an online service provider.

How to protect mobile from theft?

You have to take some precautions so that your mobile phone is not stolen. Always keep a tracking application like Lost Android installed in your mobile. You will easily get this application from play store.

After installing this application, grant all the permissions. Now androidlost Go to it and log in with your Google ID that you have entered on your phone.

This application will be fully activated. By always keeping this application in your phone you can access your phone remotely anytime. This is a very useful way to protect your phone from being stolen.

Apart from this, be careful yourself. Because a lot of your data remains in your phone and due to its theft, there can be a problem of data leak.

in short

We hope that you will find our article How to Find Mobile by IMEI Number? Must have got some help from him. And if it has not been needed yet, then it is a very good thing, but it is also a good thing to be careful. No one wants to lose their mobile and that is why it is important that you take care of your own precautions.

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