How to become a cashier in a bank?

If you must have gone to the bank, you must have seen the cashier there and if you want to work in the same position and want to know that how to become cashier in bank And What is the salary of the cashier? So do read this article.

Both government and private banks are available in India, many types of job vacancies are issued in these banks, in which the highest post is that of cashier.

how to become cashier in bank

Many types of jobs are provided in the bank, in which cashier is also an important post, so many candidates apply to become a cashier.

The post of Cassier is considered to be the highest post in the bank because there are many types of posts in the bank but this post is more important than all the posts.

To become a cashier, students need to work very hard because its course is very difficult which can be understood after a lot of efforts.

That’s why the candidates study its course honestly with hard work and dedication for this job exam.

When candidates give the IBPS exam, they are selected in the post of Cassier, but before this IBPS exam, they have to be successful in many types of examinations.

This job is done in the private sector as well as in the government sector, but almost all the students are interested in getting a government job, so instead of choosing the private sector, they prepare diligently for this post in the government sector.

So that they can be selected in the post of cashier of government bank. Government job is very important in today’s generation, so all the students want to get government job.

When the candidates clear the IBPS exam, the post of direct cashier is provided in many banks, then there are many such banks in which clerk is made first and after some time they are appointed in the post of cashier.

How to apply to become a Cashier in Bank?

If you also want to become a cashier in the bank, then you can apply online for it.

You can also apply through the official website or by visiting a nearby institution and submitting the required documents.

The vacancy of this job is released in the month of February and March in which thousands of students apply, after that they start studying for this exam.

You can get information about this vacancy from newspapers, news channels and other types of newspapers.

Educational qualification:-

The post of Cassier is one of the very important posts, which is the dream of almost all the students, so many candidates prepare for this exam with hard work and dedication.

If you also want to become a Cassier, then you can apply for it only if you have obtained 60% graduation degree with any honors paper otherwise not.

Along with this, you will have to know many important information related to computer and have good grip in your local language as well as in English language.

If you have all these qualifications then you can apply for this post. Only eligible candidates can apply for this important post.

Age Range :-

Only those candidates can apply in the Cassier exam, whose age limit is between 21 years to 30 years. For this post the minimum age should be 21 years and maximum age should be up to 30 years only then eligible candidates can apply for this exam otherwise not.

There is an age relaxation of some years by the government for the candidates belonging to the reserved categories, who they can apply for.

Selection Process:-

In this examination of the bank, examinations are taken by the students in 3 stages, only after successful in which they get their job in the bank.

There are mainly three stages of this exam which are as follows:-

  1. Preliminary Exams
  2. Mains Examination
  3. Interview

1. Preliminary Exams

Prince Exam is also known as Preliminary Exam and every candidate who has applied can sit in it.

This exam is mainly of 1 hour in which questions of 100 marks are asked, objective type question comes in this preliminary exam which students have to give in 1 hour.

2. Mains Examination

Mains is also called the second examination in other words which can be appeared only by the candidates who have cleared the balance examination.

This is a theory jam which is also called written exam. In this, the candidate is given 3 hours in which he can prepare all his questions within the given time. Mains exam is of 200 marks.

3. Interview

After passing both these examinations, the candidate is called for an interview in which his personality test as well as other questions are asked by the officials.

The officials also ask the candidates questions related to their Honors paper.

After all these examinations, a merit list is prepared on the basis of marks combined in Mains Exam and Interview and the candidates are selected. Those candidates who pass in the selection process are appointed to the post.

What is the job of a bank cashier?

A bank cashier is a responsible employee of the bank who, like all employees, plays an important role in their work.

They enter the bank at 10:00 in the morning and work in the bank till 5:00 in the evening, in between they get a break of one hour in which they have lunch.

A bank cashier has a separate cabin in which a computer, desk table, money counting machine and glass panes are kept in front of them in which there are some halls from which they do money transactions with people.

The job of a cashier is to transact money with customers, when a customer wants to withdraw money, he takes the form and gives it to them.

When a customer has to deposit money, he takes the form by him and gives the money written in it and in his name, he writes the amount deducted from his account in the net.

Thus the function of a bank’s stock is a very responsible task which they perform in a significant manner.

Syllabus of this exam:-

A lot of courses remain the same in prelims exam and mains exam and some different courses are also given.

Questions in Prelims Exam are of Hundred Marks in which 100 questions are asked and all these questions are often asked from English Maths and Reasoning Subjects which are objective questions which students have to prepare within an hour.

Now it comes to the mains exam, 190 questions are asked in which students are given 2 hours time, in this exam questions are asked from many subjects like Mathematics, Computer, Reasoning, General Awareness and English.

How to prepare for bank cashier?

Time Table :-

The candidates who have applied for this exam should prepare for their exam according to the time table because unless you manage your study time you cannot study your courses well.

Therefore, to complete the syllabus easily, you should study all your subjects according to the time table.

This exam is a bit difficult, so it requires a lot of hard work. When you study all the subjects of this exam according to the time table, then your grip becomes good in every subject, so that your exam also goes well.

Students need to pay more attention in their vulnerable world as many students are often more attracted towards Interested Receiver.

During this, they ignore their weak subject, due to which their marks are not good, so it is necessary to pay more attention to the weak subject than their other subjects.

Understand Syllabus:-

To prepare well for the exam, it is necessary for every candidate to know the syllabus of his exam because when you know the syllabus then only you will be able to prepare for your exam easily.

Because after knowing the syllabus, it is known that from which subject questions of how many marks are asked and in which subject, which topic has to be studied.

That’s why every single candidate should keep the information about their syllabus.

Build a good command of the English language:-

If you want to work in a bank, then the most important thing for this is that you should pay more attention in English language than in other languages.

Because English language is often used in banks, so try to keep your English as high as possible.

When your English is good, then you can display your personality and work well by speaking Fluent English in the bank.

current affairs

Take current affairs information every day because many questions related to current affairs are asked in the prelims exam as well as in the interview.

If you have a good grip on General Knowledge and Current Affairs, then only you will be able to answer the questions asked.

Therefore, every student should keep information about general knowledge through book and phone.

Along with all this, you should see the news shown in every day’s newspaper and TV and know the information of news of every place.

Get computer information:-

To get the post of Cassier, it is very important for the candidates to have knowledge of computer because their work is done through computer only.

Whoever pays the money online or through internet, so candidates must have computer knowledge.

When you are preparing for this exam then before that you should have acquired the knowledge of computer.

Salary :-

When the candidates are selected, they are appointed to their posts, during which they are given 15000 in a private bank in the initial month, while the starting salary of a cashier in a government bank is ₹ 25000.

As their express increases, their salary is also increased.


Becoming a cashier in a bank is almost the dream of students and all students want to become a cashier in a government bank because the importance of a government job is very high in this society.

How to become a cashier in a bank today through this article? All the information coming under it has been explained in detail.

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