6 January 2022 Know what is the price of gold today

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Gold Rate:, In India, gold is used as an adornment in jewelery and jewelery and with time, the price of gold is increasing, as well as gold being valuable, there is always a demand for it in India, so you should get it every day. The price of gold and the rate of gold should be known.

Since gold is such a commodity that has been traditionally used in India for centuries to make girls’ jewelery in weddings, so common man usually buys gold for this purpose.

Aaj Ka Sone ka Bhav Rate kya hai Hindi

But according to experts, gold being a valuable commodity is also a good investment option, so in today’s time people are investing in gold, for which it is also necessary to see the rate of gold and the price of gold daily.

Because the price of gold keeps fluctuating every day in the market, so if you also want to buy gold or want to invest in gold, then you have to You should keep watching the rate of gold and the price of gold every day, for this you should keep watching every day. NewsMeto website can be used.

Gold Rate – Gold Rate

The price of gold depends on the purity of gold, as much as pure gold will be priced accordingly The most expensive is gold.

After this 22 carat gold comes in which pure gold content is 91.7% and rest metals like copper and zinc are used. And 22 carat gold is most suitable in terms of jewelry.

The pure gold content in 22 carat gold is 91.7%, due to which it is cheaper than 24 carat gold and the rate of 22 carat gold is less than 24 carat gold by 1 to 3 thousand rupees and made of 22 carat gold. Jewelry is also stronger.

Gold Rate Today- Gold Rate Today

6 January 2022 – 22 carat gold price

gold gram today-22 Karat Gold tomorrow- 22 Karat Gold
1 gram 4,730 4,705
8 grams 37,840 37,640
10 grams 47,300 47,050
100 grams 4,73,000 4,70,500

One tola gold contains 10 grams of gold and the price of 24 carat and 22 carat one tola gold is different because the net amount of gold in both is different where 24 carat gold is more than 22 carat gold. It is expensive, here we have provided you the table of both 22 carat and 24 carat check.

6 January 2022- 24 Carat Gold Rate

gold gram today-24 Karat Gold tomorrow- 24 Karat Gold
1 gram 5,158 5,133
8 grams 41,264 41,064
10 grams 51,580 51,330
100 grams 5,15,800 5,13,300

We have provided you the list of gold rates of all the major cities of India, as there is a fluctuating daily gold rate which is updated every day, with the help of which you can estimate the gold rate of your city. .

6 January 2022- Cities Gold Rate

City 22 Karat Gold 24 Karat Gold
Chennai 45,350 49,480
Mumbai 47,080 49,080
New Delhi 47,300 51,580
Kolkata 47,250 49,950
Bangalore/Bengaluru 45,150 49,250
Hyderabad 45,150 49,250
Kerala 45,150 49,250
Pune 46,120 48,630
Baroda 46,600 49,230
Ahmedabad 46,650 49,200
Jaipur 47,250 49,500
Lucknow 45,800 48,700
coimbatore 45,350 49,480
madurai 45,350 49,480
Vijayawada 45,150 49,250
Patna 46,120 48,630
Nagpur 47,080 49,080
Chandigarh 45,800 48,700
face 46,650 49,200
bhubaneswar 44,900 49,300
Mangalore 45,150 49,250
Visakhapatnam 45,150 49,250
Nashik 46,120 48,630
Mysore 45,150 49,250

Gold is a valuable commodity which is not only used in the form of jewelery but it is also considered a very good way to invest, mainly because the price of gold is increasing with time.

That’s why today most people invest in gold, which is also considered safe as compared to other investments, but how to invest in gold, many people are still unaware of it, so let’s know how to invest in gold.

how to invest in gold

In today’s time, there are many ways to invest in gold, but even today people invest in gold only by shopping for weddings and festivals, but there are other options for investing in gold, through which you can invest in gold.

1. Physical Gold

2. Jewelery

3. Gold Coin

4. Gold Bar

5. Gold Savings Scheme

6. Digital Gold

7. Gold Mutual Fund

8. Gold Exchange Traded Fund

These are some ways to buy and invest gold, now you can buy gold using any method according to you, although most of the people prefer to buy physical gold but due to the expansion of technology, now buying and selling digital gold is also enough. It’s become easy.

how to know the purity of gold

Since gold is a precious commodity, the purity of gold is very important if you have pure gold then you will get good price in its market.

Gold is available in India from 10 carat to 24 carat and the more carat gold is, the more pure and expensive it is, therefore 24 carat gold is the most expensive which is considered to be pure gold.

Now the question comes that how to know the purity of the gold you have. Actually, the Union Ministry of Consumer and Food has launched a mobile app named “BIS-Care App” with the help of which you can check the purity of gold.

How to check accuracy with BIS-Care App

Step-1 First of all you have to search BIS-Care App in Google Play Store or you can click on download button given below.

App DownloadStep-2 Now BIS-Care App will come in front of you, download and install it.

Step-3 After this, you have to register in it, for which you will have to enter your name, mobile number and e-mail id etc.

Step-4 After registration, now you can know the purity of gold from BIS-Care App.

Step-5 In the BIS-Care App, you get an option which is named as Verify Hallmark, click on it.

Step-6 After clicking on Verify Hallmark, by entering the hallmark number of the gold, you can find out what is the purity of your gold.

In this way, you can check your purchased gold with the help of BIS-Care App and find out how pure the gold you have taken is and how many carats it is, so now let’s answer some questions related to the price of gold. lets see.

Q- What is the price of 24 carat gold?

24 karat gold is considered to be the purest gold which contains 99.9% pure gold. We have provided above 24 karat gold price table for city wise from where you can check Aaj Ka Gold Rate – 24 karat Huh.

Q- What is the price of 22 carat gold?

22 carat gold is 91.7% pure which is used for making jewelery Since pure gold is very malleable, 22 carat gold is used to make jewelery in which 91.7% pure gold and rest metals like copper and zinc. With the help of above table, you can see Aaj Ka Gold Rate – 22 Carat wise for different city wise.

What is the price of 10 grams of gold?

The price of gold in the market changes every day, but every minute, therefore, the price of gold fluctuates, according to which the price of 10 grams of gold also fluctuates, we have provided a table above, with the help of which you can You can see the Gold Rate of Aaj Ka – 10 grams.

Q-1 How much is Tola gold?

One tola gold contains 10 grams of gold and the price of 24 carat and 22 carat one tola gold is different because the net amount of gold in both is different where 24 carat gold is more than 22 carat gold. At present Aaj Ka Gold Rate – 1 Tola price has been provided in above table.

Q-How many types of gold are there?

Gold is divided according to purity, where 24 carat gold contains the most pure gold and 10 carat gold has the least pure gold which is as follows-
24 carat = 100% pure gold (99.9%)
22 carat = 91.7% gold
18 karat = 75.0% gold
14 carats = 58.3% gold
12 carats = 50.0% gold
10 carats = 41.7% gold

Q-When will gold become cheaper?

Gold is a very valuable commodity that keeps on increasing its prices over time and during the period of Karona, the price of gold has increased a lot, although gold prices fluctuate every minute and gold prices fluctuate. Depends on many things like economic, social and political factors as well as inflation, interest rate, and dollar-rupee equation etc.

So friends above, we have told you about the price of gold and the rate of gold, hope that you must have got help from our efforts and now you must have known that What is the current gold rate and gold rate today.

note:- Our information is based on internet sources, whose purpose is to always provide you accurate information, so here we are using the GoodReturns.in website as the main source, so the gold prices here are provided only as information. Do not prompt you to buy or sell gold Since this information is based on Internet sources, there is no guarantee that gold prices are accurate.

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